Explore a new horizon in cooking with the new SkyLine combi oven range

Made for

Made for

Made for

Made for non-stop operations


Set a new bar in efficiency

Excellent cooking performance

Achieve flawless cooking result with OptiFlow – a revolutionary air circulation system that ensures uniform heat distribution and a constant temperature in the cooking chamber

The unique Lambda sensor allows better control over the humidity by providing a real-time measurement.

Cleaner flexibility

Reduce electricity, water consumption and detergent cost with the new self-cleaning system SkyClean. SkyClean allows a 15% reduction in running costs.*

Now equipped with integrated boiler descaling in every automatic cleaning cycle for ease of maintenance.

SkyLine combi oven now comes with 2 options for cleaning chemicals: solid and liquid.

*Up to -15% in running cost: savings on energy, water, detergent and rinse aid calculated using SkyClean function versus equivalent cleaning cycle on previous Electrolux Oven range.

Cook&Chill solution

Two appliances with one DNA. Skyline Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers communicate seamlessly with each other, sharing the same mindset and simple, intuitive touch interface.

One loading – unloading direction for safe and effortless handling.
Save money, gain space and experience smooth operations with a full range of accessories for banqueting and handling systems designed to perfectly fit Ovens and Blast Chillers.


Increase profitability

Achieve the lowest energy consumption and best-in-class results with:

  • Enhanced chamber insulation
  • Triple-glass door
  • Optimized cavity design
  • High precision control system with 26 different sensors

Save up to 10% on energy with Plan-n-Save*: simply enter your menu and the SkyLine Combi Oven will optimize the cooking order to save energy and cooking time

*Calculation based on Electrolux Lab tests on a SkyLine PremiumS , 10/1 GN electric triple-glass door, using Plan-n-Save function versus not using the Plan-n-Save function. Data available in April 2019.


The human touch

SkyLine Combi Ovens received the prestigious 4-star certification for ergonomics for its ease-of-use and smooth ergonomic design.

An ergonomic oven means a 75% reduction in sick leave and a 25% increase in productivity for your business.

Our design process* is human-centered and fully complies with ISO 26800 and ISO 9241-210 regulations.

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