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Green is the future

Laundry Solution for a Greener and Brighter Future

Today, people are concerned about climate change, and – just like you – we want to make a difference.

The Electrolux Professional Laundry takes a broad approach to the environment, which includes setting criteria for products in terms of low electricity, water and gas consumption, without compromising on functionality and performance.

To further support our sustainability work, we have marked most components in our products to facilitate recycling.

We continually work to reduce the energy and water consumption of our products and emissions from our factories. We work to ensure that our employees and business partners are treated fairly. And we strive to be a good neighbour in the communities in which we operate.

We have been recognised as being at the cutting-edge of the development of energy and water efficient products.

Contact us and we will provide you with a state of the art package consisting of best in class solutions, expertise, service and products wherever your company is located in the world. With our solutions you will save time, energy and money. Do not waste time, turn to Electrolux Professional and we will tailor made a project that will fulfill your needs.

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