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A Good Investment

When you invest in an Electrolux Professional self-service laundry solution, you´re getting the best equipment money can buy. Electrolux Professional’s solutions are designed for first-rate performance with Excellence inside.

Some of the features and benefits that will make your investment worthwhile include:

  • Automatic Saving System (AS)
    Water and Energy Savings
    Our washers have an Automatic Saving System (AS) that determines the load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water. This result in reduced water consumption and energy costs. See figure below.


  • Super Balance precision system
    Reduced noise and vibration and high dewatering
    Our Super Balance precision system automatically detects and corrects imbalances in the drum during the washing process. A well balanced load reduces noise and vibration, prolongs machine life and makes the laundry working environment more pleasant.

  • Washer slip-lock door handle
    Safety and reliability
    This slip-lock door handle simply spins around if someone tries to open it during the washing cycle. The doors also are very strong and have widely separated hinges.

  • Control system
    Flexibility and Control
    Our control system facilitate customization and the programming of your machines for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. The system controls important functions such as exact water levels, washing times and number of rinses—with a simple turn of a dial.