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Greener and brighter future

In-house Laundry for a Greener and Brighter Future

When managers face the decision between having an in-house laundry solution versus an outsourced one, they would need to take into account many factors such as: start-up costs, storage space, personnel etc.. Furthermore all of these would need to be considered over the life span of the investment.

We at Electrolux Professional have gained in excess of 100 years of experience and believe that in-house solutions are the most cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly for the following reasons:

• Better control of the laundry and the associated costs
• Improved hygiene and cleanliness
• Reduced stock of textiles
• No transportation and logistics costs
• Less additives compared to outside laundries
• Reduced storage space in the linen room by 30-40%
There are many solutions if a company wants to start their own in-house laundry processes, such as to buy, to lease or even to rent the equipment.

Contact us and we will provide you with a state of the art package consisting of best in class solutions, expertise, service and products wherever your company is located in the world. With our solutions you will save time, energy and money. Do not waste time, turn to Electrolux Professional and we will provide you with a tailor-made solution that will fulfill your laundry needs.