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Microfibre Excellence: we care for your assets

Textiles that last longer. Shorter, quicker processes.
Reduced operating, energy and detergent costs.
Combined with excellent cleaning results, not to mention
a clean sheet in terms of hygiene standards.

Electrolux Professional facilitates enhanced business
performance – on all fronts.

  • 30% shorter drying cycles, 30% higher drying volumes;
    reductions of up to 60% in electricity use
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special
    programs for microfibre mops and cloths
  • Less maintenance and cleaning – no build-up of fluff
    and blocked pipes
  • Saves costs and effort thanks to user-friendly Compass Control® program package
  • Saves time and money, optimises hygiene by treating mops with cleaning fluids and disinfectant during final rinsing
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to special pre-programmed washing programs for “normal” or “hygiene” washes
  • Service Excellence thanks to the world’s most extensive service network