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The Old Course Hotel

Right on the championship Dukes Golf Course The Old Course Hotel offers some of the most luxurious accommodation in Scotland. Highly regarded amongst professionals and leisure golfers, the Hotel is also well known as one of Europe’s most advanced concepts in total well-being, providing an outstanding spa experience.

With up to 300 towels, 75 robes and several sheets used by the on-site therapists per day, the laundry facilities are organised in a two-night-per-week shift to keep up with the demand and the workload from the required 24 hour turnaround.

The Hotel decided to take full control over its spa laundry to maintain the highest level of customer service while reducing operational costs.

The Hotel turned to Electrolux Professional as the best solution provider handing the project from the initial stages of feasibility analysis to the final installation.

Our machines & solutions
2 x  washers   W4130H
2 x  dryers     T4350E
1 x  washer    W455H
1 x  dryer       T4130

Andrea Molloy, Spa Manager is pleased with the set-up. “Having the machines on site means we can
run things really efficiently. We have much more control over the prioritisation of the spa laundry, which
means we can be sure of maintaining our high levels of customer service at all times.

“Being able to save on costs is also a major benefit and means we’re able to further invest in the business.”


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