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Nordic Hotels

High quality design hotels

By upgrading their Full Electrolux Laundry, Nordic Hotels Stockholm achieved tremendous annual savings of 4 million Swedish kronor (around €450,000) compared to outsourcing.

  • One in-house laundry covering two hotels with a total of 542 rooms
    between them
  • Both hotels are fully booked from Monday to Thursday, and many
    guests only stay for one night
  • The hotels choose a full laundry solution right from the start to ensure
    best quality and low utility costs
  • The laundry staff work during the day on a three-shift rotation
  • Constantly working on improving the laundry process to save more time and money

Our machines & Solutions

Washers: 7 machines with capacity
up to 400 l (W4400H (5 machines), W4240H, W365H)
Dryers: 2 machines with capacity
of 1000 l (T1000) plus one Drying Cabinet (TS3121)
Ironer: 1 Commercial machine (C-Flex 930) with Automatic Feeding and Flap Folder


Hotel Mardan Palace