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Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel, Milan

The Four Seasons, a global leader in the luxury hospitality sector, chose Electrolux Professional to equip the kitchen of its main restaurant and the laundries of its prestigious hotel in Milan.

Set like a diamond among the main haute couture streets of Milan, where an ancient convent stood 500 years ago, the Four Seasons Hotel Milan is acknowledged worldwide as a refined synthesis of tradition and modernity, passion for elegance and functionality.

The hotel’s main restaurant, Il Teatro, considered one of the top restaurants in Milan, and the laundries have been furnished with Electrolux Professional solutions.

No limits at the kitchen

Two central Thermaline cooking blocks on a masonry plinth base are the undisputed protagonists of the kitchen. The Swiss made appliances guarantee safe and easy cooking operations, maximum productivity on both work fronts and easy cleaning (thanks to the rounded corners of compartments and work surfaces) – to the kitchen brigade comprising 35 professionals who prepare over 500 meals a day.

Executive Chef Sergio Mei, renowned spokesman of Italian cuisine worldwide, Chef of the Year, Gold Medal winner at the Culinary World Cup, and lecturer at the Ecole Lenôtre in Paris, comments: “Technology applied to the professional catering sector has made giant steps forward. Thanks to state-of-the-art appliances, such as those chosen for the Four Seasons, we can truly do anything and much more quickly.”

Today “we can pay more attention to the environment, since sustainable technology in the kitchen not only enables us to save time and money but also water, detergent, energy, etc.,” says Mei. The Four Seasons Hotel Milan chose two champions of sustainability from the Green Spirit range by Electrolux Professional.

The kitchen is now more comfortable and energy efficient. In effect, electric induction hobs and solid tops have replaced open flames. They use less energy than traditional gas burners (up to 60% for a solid top with the special patented Ecotop coating, and up to 50% for induction hobs) and produce less heat dispersion.

Two air-o-steam® ovens, used for most of the cooking and for all the banqueting operations of the hotel, and Thermaline pressure bratt pans, complete the kitchen. These versatile appliances, used for numerous preparations with exceptional results, consume half the energy and the time compared to traditional steam cooking.

Top-flight laundry

The in-house laundry at the Four Seasons Hotel Milan offers a 24-hour service, which guarantees best-in-class performance and pristine linen for demanding guests of the hotel’s 118 rooms.

The hotel is equipped with Lagoon® , the only professional garment cleaning certified by Woolmark, which takes care of garments made of the most delicate fabrics such as wool, suede or silk. Lagoon®  is used for cleaning guests’ clothing and the staff’s uniforms.

Developed by Electrolux Professional Laundry, Lagoon®  uses water as natural solvent, which makes it an efficient and environmentally friendly professional wet-cleaning system.


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