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Places where laundry means health

In hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions, keeping a close eye on the standard of linen hygiene is of paramount importance. There’s no room for compromise. Electrolux Professional is the global leader in barrier laundry solutions with more than 500 installations every year.


Electrolux Professional enhances your hygiene processes with:

  • Made-to-measure barrier solutions for your individual needs
  • Solutions suitable even for the most confined areas
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features for Care Laundry such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System for the highest level of control and traceability throughout the whole hygiene process
  • Improved efficiency and productivity thanks to more wash loads per day
  • Fastest and safest machine operation on the market
  • Fastest unloading process on the market
  • The world’s most extensive network for installation, spare parts and maintenance