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With the Laundry Management Systems from Electrolux Professional your laundry solution will be more efficient than ever. You will have full control over the wash process.


Electrolux Efficient Dosing System

  • Best linen quality due to accurate detergent dosing
  • Savings of up to 20 % in detergent
  • Time savings on account of an totally automatic dosing process
  • A safer work environment thanks to automatic detergent dosing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to multi-language and automatic functions
  • Environmental friendliness due to less use of chemicals throughout the process
  • Easy access to statistics and cost reports via USB port
  • Customizable options for usage across various laundry segments

Certus Management™ Information System

  • Enhances business and profitability
  • Enables process validation
  • Machines are connected to a network to monitor all operating costs and program & Consumption data – validating every processed batch
  • Fully compatible with EN14065/RABC hygiene standard 
  • Automatic saving of ironing parameters


Detergent Management Information System

  • Cost saving thanks to most efficient detergent usage
  • Environmental benefits thanks to precise dosing of detergent and water
  • Optimal solution for all intelligent detergent dosing systems to retrieve data from a washer extractor.
  • Ensures communication between the washer extractor and intelligent dosing systems provided by major detergent suppliers
  • Available for washer extractors equipped with Clarus Control and Compass Control