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Cleaning solutions
for professional textile care

 Lagoon Advance Care


 A complete cleaning service in 55 minutes

All the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning.

Lagoon Adcance Care


lagoon® Advanced Care
One solution, multiple benefits


Environmentally friendly, with no toxic chemicals used in process, as water is used as the solvent.

Delicate on the delicates

Outstanding results with most delicate textiles and fine wool, labelled dry-clean only.

A real game changer

Easy wet cleaning with an easy to learn procedure and no bottlenecks.

High productivity

Improved loading factor and enhanced cleaning action. Faster process times for a quicker return on investment.

The best cleaning performance

Fast effective cleaning lets you offer customers an express delivery service.


  Lagoon Advance Care


 Discover what lagoon Advanced Care can do for your business

lagoon advanced care