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Q Laundry

Q Laundry

Retired teacher enjoys successful second career in the coin laundry business

Colleen Unema, owner of Q Laundry didn’t jump quickly into the coin laundry business but she talked with industry veterans, and studied the competition. When it came time to put her plan to action, Unema, a retired school teacher, adopted industry best practices.

I wanted to raise the bar and create a whole new laundry experience – and Electrolux was the perfect partner to help make that happen. It’s important to me that my customers know we chose equipment that is not only innovative and produces great results, it fits with our community’s philosophy on sustainability,” she added.

Q Laundry

Unema explains that machine selection was one of the first decisions she made.

I’ve been watching what they do,” Unema said, adding that Electrolux’s role as one of the most sustainable companies in the world is impressive. Equally impressive, is the company’s track record of customer satisfaction, durability, and world-class products. “I wanted a machine that’s going to last 15 years or more.

Q Laundry offers customer 39 washers and 45-pound capacity stack dryers.


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