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Big Joe's Laundry

Big Joe's Laundry


Electrolux is the perfect choice for Big Joe’s Laundry


Store owners choose Electrolux for obvious reasons: brand power, water and energy savings, and unique innovations that increase store revenue.

Experienced laundry owner Joe Thompson owns four laundromats so far and has remodeled two of them. His latest and greatest store, Big Joe’s Laundry, is his first Electrolux-equipped store – and he can’t say enough about the equipment.
“The 350 G-force extraction was extremely attractive to me because it removes more water,” explained Joe Thompson. “It not only saves me money on water, it saves my customers time – a very valuable commodity these days! By saving my customers time, they get in and out of the store faster, which means I can serve more people.”

Over the years, Joe has become an expert in running a successful coin laundry.

At Joe’s grand opening, he celebrated with free washes all day. “It was crowded every day from start to close. Customers had those machines running every second. Since then, business has continued to grow and we will continue to market with mailers and promotions to draw even more customers to Big Joe’s” exclaimed Joe.


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