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One Farrer Hotel and SPA

One Farrer Hotel and Spa

In Connexion with Electrolux Professional


Connexion is Singapore's first fully-integrated hospital, hotel and medical center, located at Farrer Park. This 20-story integrated complex spreads over 60,000m2 and includes a 250-room full-service hotel, the One Farrer Hotel and SPA.

An important asset to One Farrer Hotel and SPA is the Escape Restaurant & Lounge where guests can delight in a memorable dining experience, any time of day, any day of the week. The restaurant serves local and international cuisine and guests can observe Executive Chef Kong Kok Kiang (Chef KK) and his team prepare their meals from the beautiful open kitchen.

One Farrer Hotel and Spa

Chef KK leads a team of 50 chefs, working in multiple kitchens:

- the banqueting kitchen serving up to 600 pax using the air-o-steam touchline oven, a ProThermetic boiling pan and a thermaline cooking suite

- the hospital kitchen serving 6 meals a day for 150 rooms/day - the kitchen at the Escape Restaurant & Lounge offering all day dining, three meals/day in addition to a food spread set up

- with its “interactive kitchen”, an island thermaline suite, an air-o-steam Touchline combi oven and a range of undercounter refrigerators

- the Local Fresh and Seasonal. A place where guests can grab a quick bite in a modern self-service deli, equipped with a Benefit Line refrigerator, undercounter and a HSG panini grill

How does Electrolux helps in their daily work


One Farrer Hotel and Spa

The Cook&Chill system and innovative technology gives me and my team the possibility to prepare the mise en place in advance, resulting in operations that are more effective during our daily work helping to prepare the different dietary requirements.”

Chef KK commented.

In banqueting, the ProThermetic braising pans allow the Chef to cook large amount of food in advance keeping the consistency. Combined with the air-o-steam Touchline combi oven, thanks to its real control of the humidity, after the regeneration process the dishes are ready to serve. This means a better operational flow in the kitchen, serving the best food right on time and at the right temperature.

Connexion is so ahead of its time that it is sure to become one of the largest and most advanced facilities in Asia.


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