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Company details

Electrolux SEA Pte Ltd
1 Fusionopolis Place,
#07-10 Galaxis
, Singapore 138522

Registered office

registered office at 80,
Raffles Place, #32-01,
Singapore 048624

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Electrolux Professional
SEA & India Headquarter

Singapore Office

Use contact form of call us!
+65 6727 2057


Thailand Office

Use contact form of call us!
+66 2 725 9100


Malaysia Office

Electrolux Professional Malaysia
+603 5569 1313


India Office

Use contact form of call us!
+91 12472 2800

Electrolux Home Appliances

Electrolux is one of the global leaders in home appliances, selling more than 40 million products to customers in 150 countries every year.

Home Appliances